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About Us

Due to the economic condition that has risen, due to the poor economy along with drug dependency crime has been on the increase.

On March 15, 2011, Rindge Police department convened a session to communicate to the citizens of Rindge his view on how we as a community could better secure our homes against this problem, that it will not improve unless we all take proper precautions. It was at a later session in August that the Rindge Crime Watch had its beginnings. Our officers and general membership is made up of concerned individuals that have been directly or indirectly touched by crime in some fashion and will stand and make a difference.

The leaders of the Rindge Crime Watch group are:

Rindge Crime Watch Officers

President Holly Koski
Vice-President Bob Hamilton
Secretary Ronald Osimo
Treasurer Paul Courtemanche
Board Member Don Cook

Zone Captains

Zone #1 Dan Mathieu
Zone #2 Ron Osimo
Zone #3 Holly Koski
Zone #4 Earl Robertson

Finance/Fundraising Committee

Paul Courtemanche Jim Grant
Ron Osimo Gillian L'Eplattenier
Bob Hamilton

Sign Committee

Holly Koski

Web Site Committee

Jason Geissler